Tech, Innovation, Development

Research and development

We work on innovative solutions in the field of medicine, pharmacy and new technologies. We combine scientific and business approach and make sure that our solutions are directed not only to the commercial market. It is important to us that our products also meet social needs.

We’re working on innovative devices which can be used in medical and therapeutic diagnostics. These devices will be based on advanced algorithms using artificial intelligence and extensive inference systems. The implementation of one of the projects will significantly improve the effectiveness of the currently difficult diagnostics of the very common civilization disease and the reduction of diagnostic costs.

While working on our projects, we use IT solutions for collecting and analyzing medical data, in particular IT systems for collecting, processing and analyzing medical data and information, through advanced image analysis. Projects planned for implementation envisage the integration of various IT systems used in the health care system, facilitating the safe collection and storage of medical data, including protected personal data, and what is very important, to create algorithms to support medical decisions that support personalization, coordination and optimization of medical care.

Pharmacy and innovative methods of supplementation

In cooperation with the best specialists and physicians we conduct research and in-depth analyzes in the field of suplmenetation. Established cooperation with pharmacists and doctors as well as the analysis of numerous scientific researches resulted in the creation of three dietary supplements supporting the treatment of demyelinating diseases. The first of these – Revimyelin® a dietary supplement supporting the process of myelin reconstruction, which is damaged in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis. In the coming months Revimyelin® will be supplemented with two products that were created to help combat symptoms such as: mental fog, notorious fatigue or depression.


About us

We are an experienced and ambitious team cooperating with the best partners from the business and science sector.

We are constantly working on innovative methods of dietary supplementation and breakthrough medical products. We are not afraid of an innovative approach, which in the field of pharmacy and medicine is an indispensable element of the process of searching for new solutions.